Automatic Delivery

As a busy Maine family, we know you already have enough on your mind without worrying about running out of home heating fuel. That’s why Fabian Oil offers a personalized automatic delivery plan to keep you and your family warm, worry free!

  • How Automatic Oil Delivery Works

Fabian Oil uses modern technologies, weather patterns, and home heating history to determine when you’ll need a delivery of home heating fuel. Our dispatch team sends a truck to your home when you need a refill automatically, to ensure you always have the fuel you need to stay warm! Best of all, Fabian Oil will never charge you any additional fees for this service.

  • Benefits of Automatic Oil Delivery

Worry-Free Home Heating

When you are enrolled in automatic oil delivery with Fabian Oil, there’s no need to worry about running out of heating oil. We provide automatic deliveries based on your home’s personalized home heating needs.

No Need to Check Your Tank Gauge

There’s no need to constantly check your fuel gauge when you’re on automatic delivery. While we still recommend occasionally monitoring your fuel level, in case your home’s heating needs change, there’s no need to venture outdoors or into the basement to prevent a no-heat situation.

Peace of Mind, Even In Inclement Weather

While we always strive to fulfill will-call orders promptly, automatic delivery is the best way to ensure you’ll have the heating oil you need, especially in the midst of a storm.


Are you ready to sign up? Give us a call at 207-465-2000 to experience home comfort like never before.