Mini Split AC Maintenance Plan

Not only will a heat pump keep you cool in the summer, but it will keep you warm in the winter! Our Heat Pump Maintenance Plan is designed to efficiently maximize your overall comfort throughout the entire year for both your heating and cooling needs.

Our Heat Pump Maintenance Plan will:

  • Provide you with a 16 point system tune-up that will reduce the likelihood that your equipment will malfunction during the hottest days of summer.
  • Provide you with priority service.
  • Provide you with a 25% discount on parts (excluding installations).
  • Extend the lifetime of your heat pump system.

16 Point Cooling System Tune Up

  • Check refrigerant charge and measure operating pressures and temperature
  • Test compressor operating voltage and amperage
  • Lubricate and check motors
  • Clean or replace 1” air filters as necessary
  • Inspect and adjust fan belts
  • Flush and drain condensate
  • Check electrical connections
  • Clean and check thermostat
  • Check controls and safety switches
  • Inspect evaporator coil if accessible
  • Check blower wheel and bearings
  • Test pressure cutout switches
  • Inspect crankcase heater
  • Inspect condenser coil
  • Check condenser blade and motor bearings
  • Check condenser electrical disconnect switch

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