Home Heating Budget Plan

Responsibility: reduce large payments, plan responsibly

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Instead of having to pay your entire heating bill during the winter, our Budget Plan lets you spread out your heating bills over equal monthly payments.

Our Budget Plan requires your account to be credit approved and on automatic delivery.


How it works:

Our budget plan allows customers to spread their average heating fuel cost over 10 months, beginning in July and ending in April. Monthly payments are calculated based your average gallons delivered over past years and the estimated average price for next year’s fuel cost. Each customer will be given a custom payment plan upon signing up for the Fabian Oil Budget Program. Billing statements will be mailed or sent via email, with all monthly payments being due on the 10th of each month.

Each monthly payment applies a credit to your account equal to the monthly payment cost. Any delivery made will reduce the balance on your account by your current fuel price. The goal of the Fabian Oil Budget Program is for you to have a $0 balance at the end of the 10 month plan. Depending on market fuel prices, customers may have either a credit or balance due on their account after the 10 monthly payments have been paid.

  • If a balance is due at the end of the budget plan, customers will have two months (May and June) to catch up on the account.
  • If a credit is on the account, the balance may be added to next years budget plan to reduce monthly payments, or the customer may request the balance back.


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