Price Protection Plans

Peace of Mind – Protect Your Pricing Today!

Want to know the exact price you’ll pay for heating fuel throughout the winter and avoid the hassle of fluctuating fuel prices and delivery bills?


Notice – Price Protection Plans are currently closed for the season. Please sign up for our waiting list to be notified when our plans open for the 2023 heating season.



On our Fixed Price Plan, customers will pay the same amount per gallon for their entire contract. The price of fuel will NOT fluctuate up or down. There is no additional fees for a Fixed Price Plan.


On our Capped Price Plan, customers will never pay more than the capped price. The customer may pay less the the contract capped price depending on the current market fuel price. There is a fee per gallon to use the Capped Price Plan.


Depending on the pricing protection plan and type of heating fuel, customer may be required to pay fuel costs upfront or will be allowed to pay for fuel as they go.


Sign up now to be notified when our plans opens for the 2023-2024 heating season



* Not all products are available for every price protection plan.