Prepare For A Delivery

For A Successful Delivery: Clear A Path.

Fabian Oil is proud to offer fast and affordable deliveries of home heating fuels to families across Maine no matter the season!

However to ensure a safe and prompt delivery, we need your help:

During the winter months, after each snowfall make sure to keep your driveway and a path to your oil tank clear and sanded. If our delivery trucks cannot safely access your home, we will be unable to deliver your home heating fuel.

Check Your Heating Fuel Level Prior To Bad Weather.

It is in your best interest to check your fuel level as soon as you know a winter storm is in the forecast. Doing so will ensure you have enough fuel to get through the storm and a few days after. If you tank is near or below 25%, give us a call or visit your Fabian account as soon as possible to request a delivery.

Sign Up For Automatic Deliveries.

Our automatic delivery plan allows us to track your average heating fuel usage, to accurately & automatically schedule deliveries to your home when you need it! Signing up for automatic deliveries will give you peace of mind knowing that you’ll always have enough heating fuel to keep you and your family warm.

Check Your Equipment.

It is important to regularly check your heating system, and even more so when the weather gets cold. Check for visual signs of corrosion on your heating fuel tank, if you notice any excessive corrosion or leaks, contact us as soon as possible.

You can also sign up for our Residential Service Plan (available on most systems) to ensure your heating system gets the annual maintenance it needs for a long and safe operating life.


Not a Fabian Oil customer yet? Give us a call at 207-465-2000.