Propane Vs. Natural Gas

Natural gas is made up of several gases including propane, butane, ethane and mostly consists of methane. While propane is a part of natural gas in its raw state, it is a hydrocarbon separated from the other gases at gas processing facilities. The propane that is separated during this process is stored and sold to […]

In New England, a Natural Gas Trap

Electricity prices in New England have been four to eight times higher than normal in the last few weeks, as the region’s extreme reliance on natural gas for power supplies has collided with a surge in demand for heating. Frigid temperatures and the snowstorm that hammered parts of the Northeast last week have revived concerns […]

Natural Gas producers are concerned about the future

More than 500 industry people gathered in Jackson this week for the 17th Annual Wyoming Oil and Gas Fair. Wyoming Public Radio’s energy and natural resources reporter, Stephanie Joyce was there, and she joins us now to talk about the event. BOB BECK: So, what are the biggest issues on the mind of Wyoming’s oil […]

Is Spike in Natural Gas Prices Imminent?

Natural gas inventories are at a 10-year low following the recent brutal winter, and price increases are likely, due to potential shortages, particularly in the event of another cold winter, according to a recent article on The article connects the dots between the current low inventory and the anticipated rate of replenishment and detects […]