Propane Safety


  • Flammable gas under pressure.
  • Transport in upright, vertical position.
  • Leaking LP-gas may cause a fire or explosion if ignited.
  • Contact LP-gas supplier for repairs or disposal of this cylinder or unused LP-gas.
  • For outdoor use only.
  • Do not use or store cylinder in a building, garage or enclosed area.


  • Know the odor of LP-gas. If you hear, see or smell leaking LP-gas, immediately get everyone away from the cylinder and call the Fire Department. Do not attempt repairs.
  • Be certain cylinder is purged of trapped air prior to first filling. Be certain not to overfill the cylinder. Be certain cylinder requalification date is checked.
  • LP-gas is heavier than air and may settle in low places while dissipating.
  • Contact with the liquid contents of cylinder will cause freeze burns to the skin.
  • Do not allow children to tamper or play with cylinder.
  • When not connected for use, keep cylinder valve turned off. Self contained outdoor cooking appliances shall be limited to a cylinder of 20 lbs. capacity or less.
  • Do not use, store or transport cylinder where it would be exposed to high temperatures. Relief valve may open allowing a large amount of flammable gas to escape.
  • When transporting, keep cylinder secured in an upright position with cylinder valve turned off.


  • Use only in compliance with applicable codes.
  • Read and follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Consult manufacturer’s instructions concerning the cylinder connection provided with your appliance.
  • Be sure regulator vent is not pointing up.
  • If regulator has internal threaded coupling nut and the cylinder valve has large outside threads, tighten the coupling nut by turning clockwise. If regulator has a plug-in connection, pull valve sleeve back, insert male plug fully and release valve sleeve. If the regulator has an external threaded coupling nut, it has left-hand threads and must be tightened by turning counter clockwise.
  • Turn off all valves on the appliance.
  • Do not check for gas leaks with a match or open flame. Apply soapy water at areas marked “X”. Open cylinder valve. If bubble appears, close valve and have LP-gas service person make needed repairs. Also check appliance valve and connections to make sure they do not leak before lighting appliance.
  • Light appliance(s) following manufacturer’s instructions.
  • When appliance is not in use, keep cylinder valve closed.


  • Store and use cylinder in upright, vertical position.