Tips to reduce your energy costs this winter.

1. Rearrange Your Furniture.

Yup, you’re read the right! Rearranging your furniture can have more than just aesthetic benefits. Check your living room and bedrooms to ensure your couches, bed, tables, and other items are not blocking the airflow from your heating vents. When possible, it’s best to keep your furniture at least a few feet away from vents to allow for the best distribution of heat in your rooms.

2. Use Your Ceiling Fans.

While it may sound counterproductive to turn on the ceiling fans during the winter months, with the correct fan direction you can actually help reuse wasted heat. Most ceiling fans will have a switch at the base allowing you to change the direction of the motor from spinning counterclockwise to clockwise. This change in fan direction will pull air towards the ceiling where warm air is trapped, pushing the heat back down in the room.

3. Invest in Quality Curtains.

According to researchers from the University of Salford, closing your curtains at dusk can reduce heat loss in your home by around 15-17%. The heavier the curtains are the less warm air will be able to pass through and escape through your windows. It’s also worth noting that opening your window coverings during the day will allow natural heat from sunlight to enter your home and help reduce the strain on your heating system.

4. Replace Your Furnace Filters.

In general maintaining your heating system is crucial to keeping your units running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Replacing your furnace filter isn’t just about clean air, clogged material can force your unit to work harder, raising energy costs. Fabian offers an excellent service plan which includes annual inspections and maintenance as well as other benefits to keep your system running efficiently. Call us at (207) 465-2000 for more information.

5. Turn Down Your Thermostat.

Lowering your thermostat from 71 to 68 degrees, can help you save roughly 5% on room heating costs. The lower you go, the more you’ll save. Investing in a smart thermostat with programmable routines can automatically lower the temperature when your away or asleep and dramatically reduce your heating cost.

Pro-Tip: A heated blanket can keep your warm even when your thermostat is set to pretty low.