Natural Gas Facts

Before you convert, learn the facts that could save you money.

If you’ve been considering paying for a natural gas conversion, you’ve probably heard that it could save you money on heating costs. You may have also heard that it’s a clean fuel, better for the environment and more abundant than other fuel sources.

But with natural gas, there’s another side to the story, and doing a little bit of research or speaking with an expert could help you avoid spending thousands of dollars on something that might not pay off in the long run.

Get the Facts

Price of Natural Gas

One of the most cited facts about natural gas is its low cost compared to heating oil, but some quick math actually shows otherwise. To get the energy equivalent to one gallon of heating oil, customers…

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“Fixed” Rates

Out-of-state sellers of natural gas that are now operating in Maine have boasted a “locked” rate for customers over the next ten years. To anyone trying to plan for future heating costs, this might sound…

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Availability of Natural Gas

Even with the increased construction of natural gas pipelines, the availability of natural gas may be overstated. This past winter, an inconsistent supply of natural gas caused rapid price spikes, negating…

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Clean and Efficient Fuel?

If you’ve been leaning toward natural gas based on its fuel efficiency, you may be interested to know that you can reduce your fuel usage by 25-40% by upgrading your current heating equipment to modern…

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Learn more about Natural Gas

Numerous articles and reports have been published throughout the United States about the cost of increased natural gas usage. These articles highlight everything from the environmental impacts of natural…